In this week’s episode on You Are Loved, I’m talking about experiencing your first Thanksgiving without them (your loved one). I share how I wrote in my journal, “This is weird and sad all at the same time.”

I talk about traditions and I didn’t to go over to my parents my Thanksgiving. Why? Because I didn’t want to. Yep, It’s true… And you get to decide it also…

Maybe you create a new tradition this Thanksgiving? One that both brings you gratitude and remembers them.

Remember, YOU ARE LOVED!!!

If you are experiencing a suicide crisis and need help now! Call or Text the Suicide Lifeline 988. For more about this new hotline number go to this link:

    Resources Mentioned:

    • I created a quick download for you about finding peace and calm as Thanksgiving draws near. Send me an email at and use the subject “thankful” and I will send you a cute reminder. 

    Love Notes

    • It’s no secret that no family is exempt from “good ole fashion family drama.”
    • Or, at least none that my heart would accept.
    • “Which one is going to bring me more peace and calm?”
    • It is absolutely key that you stick with it.
    • But it’s not about other people. This is about YOU, and what you would like.

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