The story of how providing a thoughtful gift can lift someone up when they need it most

Before I dive into the story, I need to tell you about the gift that started it all. Like most people, I have always enjoyed the holidays. So of course Christmas is a favorite holiday for me.  As it is for most people too.

But when we moved when I had just turned 8 years-old, from the “big city” of Provo, Utah to the tiny town of Spanish Fork, Utah. It was a HUGE transition for our family!

No Big Deal Right?

WRONG! Let me paint the scene for you…

Imagine for just a moment that you had just turned 8 years-old and everything was within walking distance.


The grocery store was literally down the street from where we lived. Our elementary school was less than 5 blocks away, as was the high school for my older siblings. Our friends all lived close by and were within biking distance. So you can imagine how shocked we were as a family to move to the “country” when our parents said, “We are moving.”

But it wasn’t all going to be doom and gloom. We were moving into a mansion. Or, at least that is what it felt like when I was that age. 

We were moving to a home that had more than 1 bathroom!!!!


You read that correctly! For a family of 10, we all shared a tiny, 1 bathroom home. Can you say “bathroom fights?” Yes, we argued about who got to use the bathroom “first”.

But let’s continue. As I got older, I went to the new middle school that was finished and my class was the first that got to go there. I started playing violin in Orchestra class. But that wasn’t the coolest part. I met my best friend there, Dyann. Her and I hit it off like 2 peas in a pod from the start.

One day when we were out shopping for presents for her family before Christmas, we went to the mall. For those of you reading this who are unfamiliar with a “mall”. It was like a giant place that had shopping stores inside. It was “the place” to go on the weekends. And it was your gift shopping destination for everything gifts for any occasion. So as we were shopping, Dyann asked me what I was getting for Christmas this year? I warmly replied, “Nothing. We always get money.”

Can I tell you the look on Dyann’s face was priceless!

She stopped in the middle of the busy mall and said, “WAIT A MINUTE! You don’t have anything to unwrap on Christmas morning?”


She then proceeded to tell me that this Christmas morning would be different because she was going to get me a gift. 

This became the “gift” that started it all…

What Thoughtful Gift Ideas Look Like

When my sister was newly divorced and living with our mom while she was transitioning from being married to single, I was out Christmas shopping for my family when I came across the perfect gift for her. 

Now, I should mention that we come from a big family, remember?  

So giving each other gifts for siblings, including their children, was something that would wipe out anyone’s bank account.  But when I saw this adorable wooden sign, I immediately thought of my sister and I had to get it for her. 

Right before Christmas, I went to the basement where my sister was staying and said, “I got you a gift!”

She stared sort of confused by my gesture, I explained that as soon as I saw this wooden sign, I thought of her and had to get it. 

I told her that I saw the struggles she was going through. I said, “Even though I couldn’t directly relate, I could see the enormous amount of pain she was in. I see you, Gina.”

Then I made her cry. Not intentionally! It just happened. But you see, This is how giving someone a thoughtful gift can lift someone up when they need it the most. 

Still not convinced?

Gift Baskets Don’t Have to Be Boring

A friend called me and said that she wanted to give something to her assistant for doing an amazing job. She said that wanted something that was special. So she called me because I had started a gift basket company. I told her some ideas that I had and she picked one out.

The following week, I got a text message from her assistant. This was the moment of truth….

Did she love it or hate it? 

Her text read something like this…

“Crystal, I just got your gift basket in the mail from (boss). I just wanted to let you know how much of a surprise it was to me. So much so that I even “ugly cried.” (You know the crying that is uncontrollable but you feel better afterwards? That’s the one..) “Thank you so much. My family will enjoy the gift too.”

Did you notice something when I was telling these 2 stories? Neither gift was “planned.” 

Both people getting the gift had NO IDEA they were getting a gift!

But BOTH gifts were special to each of them receiving it. 

BOTH PEOPLE needed them. 

BOTH of them cried.

Now, please hear me when I say, don’t make someone cry, intentionally. That is downright mean if you do. But I want to allow you to have that same experience for other people in your life. 


When you do,

It will be one of the most rewarding things that you ever do for someone else. If you would like to see which gift basket I choose for my friend’s assistant, click here

I hope these thoughtful gift ideas gave you some inspiration in your own life and what a difference they can make to the person receiving them.

Love Notes:

  • Receiving a thoughtful gift is huge! The person getting it is going to feel very special
  • The gifts that aren’t planned make the most positive impact
  • Both gifts were special
  • They will feel how much you care when they open it
  • Brighten someone’s day by sending them a thoughtful gift


Crystal 💜

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