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Episode 07 | Special Guest Megan Young on You Are Loved with host Crystal Partney

This is episode 07 and I have a special guest Megan Young. She has been at my recent summit and she is one of the speakers. She is an amazing person.

Megan Young is a grief coach and a life transition coach in Austin, Texas. She is the author of the book “Life After Loss Workbook” and her latest book “Life After Loss Pet Death Edition”. These two workbooks really help people in the comfort of their own homes, work, through their grief, understand their grief, and give them some grief insight. Links to her two books are below:

Episode Highlight:

Poisonous side of grief – this includes guilt, shame, and anger and this needs to be a top priority if you’re feeling that” seeking a professional and/or doing the work if you are feeling this is so important. Communicating to family and friends what you need is something she can’t stress enough. Be consistent with them with what you need AND with what you don’t need.

Pet loss can affect other parts of your life too.

Megan’s love note: Being intentional with her kids, their hugs, and being with them and setting aside busyness. Purposefully set out to do something. even if it is small or hard, or something she enjoys doing, and she follows through and does it. Puts herself first, that’s when she is so proud and feels so loved. I LOVE WHO I AM TOO MUCH, TO LET THAT GO! (when she talks about juggling it all)

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If you are struggling in any way to please go to your nearest emergency room or call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

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