Suicide Prevention Month is September

I spoke about it in another post but for those of you who don’t know, September is Suicide Prevention month. I have a special announcement that I will be sharing in a moment. Before I say anything else, I wanted to take a second and talk to someone who might be like me… You’ve lost a loved one by suicide. Friend, if this is you right now. My heart goes out to you. I know the pain that you feel. The struggles that you are experiencing. 

How some days are easier than others. Getting out of bed, brushing your teeth, heck, even breakfast, and reminding yourself to eat something is hard. At least it was for me.

When you hear that September is Suicide Prevention month, you may be asking yourself, “Crystal, that is wonderful. I’m all for suicide prevention. But what about me?” 

“What about my loss and my loved one? It’s too late for them. They already took their life.”

September is another reminder that my loved one is not here. Because it is focused on suicide prevention. All the attention goes to prevention. Of course, understandably so yet I’m left saying to myself, that it’s too late for my loved one. “What about me?” Friend, if this is you right now, I understand. I have asked myself those exact questions many times.

The answer that my heart keeps giving me when I think about Gina, is this: we must not stop trying. To tell the people in our life that they are loved and that they matterKeep asking how they are doing. Never stop showing up. Even if they think it’s annoying, even if they yell, kick, and scream. Even if they get frustrated because you keep telling them. KEEP DOING IT! Never stop saying I LOVE YOU. Above all, Know that you are not forgotten, Nor, Is your loved one just because we are talking about suicide prevention all the month of September, know and feel that you are still loved, and that your story is so important.

You and I Know the Painful Alternative

Because you and I know the painful alternative when we don’t do these things. When we stop asking and we let the hustle and bustle of life get in the way or we get so busy that we forget to say I LOVE YOU.

My Daughter Knows What Comes Next

Speaking about saying I love you, we have done this ever since she was little, probably 2 or 3 years old, whenever either my husband or myself say to our daughter, “Guess what?” She immediately, without skipping a beat, says, “I love you!” Or, sometimes my husband says, “I love you!” And then she says, “Love you most!” Or, “I love you more!” It is adorable! This proves that you are never too young or old to enjoy being told and reminded that you are loved.

My Special Announcement

Earlier I mentioned that I had a special announcement! Drumroll.. I got the opportunity to be part of a fabulous book called, “Make It a Great Day: The Choice is Yours. Volume 2.”

My dear friend Jackie Simmons kindly asked me to part of the series and the movement to make suicide a thing in the past. She is the founder of The Teen Suicide Prevention Society and has a TedTalk where she discusses her personal story behind the creation of The Teen Suicide Prevention Society(TSPS) or teaspoons for short.

This beautiful book that I am part of is full of amazing stories where people decided to share their stories of how they choose to make it a great day, even though it was challenging and difficult. 

I opened up about mourning my sister’s passing. I share what it was like for me to receive this devastating news the day before my birthday in 2019. What I have learned about myself as I began the healing process afterward, and how it has impacted my life today in a meaningful way. I also share my reasons why I decided to heal. 

Because, as the title implies, “Make It a Great Day: The Choice is Yours,” I most definitely was faced with one of the most difficult decisions I would ever face…Should I begin healing or not? Do I begin healing even though I don’t have a single clue how? Where do I begin?

This was so new and fresh to me that I kept telling myself that there isn’t a roadmap for these tragedies. Especially when it came to suicide loss.

I wasn’t the only one to be asking myself these exact questions either. My entire family was trying to navigate their own grief and the complexities that come alongside it. This meant my siblings, our mother, extended family, friends, and more. 

I Was Reminded of Hope

I was reminded of hope as I began each new day. As cheesy as this may sound. It is true!

Each new day brought with it the decision to get out of bed even though I only wanted to stay in it. One, I had to still be a mom to my daughter. To hear more about this, I invite you to read about it in The Make It a Great Day: The Choice is Yours. Volume 2 edition. Launching on Amazon on Sept. 28th, 2022!!!!

As Jackie warmly mentioned in an email inviting me to share my story for the upcoming book, when talking about readers from The Make It a Great Day: The Choice is Yours. Volume 1. Jackie said this about someone picking up the book and reading it: 

“They are hungry for stories that are real, raw, and relatable. We know that your story may serve as the catalyst that saves a life.”

Friend, this is my hope that as you read this, you feel inspired to grab the book and start reading it today. May you see yourself inside my story and all of the other incredible authors who have boldly shared theirs. I know without a shadow of a doubt that this book can serve as the catalyst that saves a life.  Don’t wait to save a life!

Love notes: 

  • Don’t wait to save a life!
  • Launching on Amazon Sept. 28th, 2022!!!!The Make It a Great Day: The Choice is Yours. Volume 2. Link comming soon.
  • I was reminded of hope as I began each new day.
  • Never stop saying I LOVE YOU
  • We must not stop trying. To tell the people in our life that they are loved and that they matter. 
  • You still matter, even if we have lost a loved one by suicide.

If you are experiencing a suicide crisis and need help now! Call or Text the Suicide Lifeline 988. For more about this new hotline number:


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