Healing After Suicide Summit

On the podcast, I’m talking all about how you can continue to find healing, and strength, and other people who have experienced a similar loss as you as I host the Healing After Suicide Summit!

You may find yourself feeling alone as you try to navigate your grief?

Perhaps you are wanting someone who has experienced it and wants to help support you…

Look no further than the Healing After Suicide Summit starting on Valentine’s Day.

Our theme is Let Love Win After Suicide.

Beginning on Feb. 14 & 15th

I invite you to register and join me and the other amazing speakers as we discuss how YOU can heal after this tragedy and Let Love Win.

Remember, YOU ARE LOVED!

If you are experiencing a suicide crisis and need help now! Call or Text the Suicide Lifeline 988. For more about this new hotline number go to this link: 988lifeline.org

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Love Notes

  • Introducing 20+ Grief and Wellness Speakers who will be speaking at the Healing After Suicide Summit.

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5 Ways To Begin Healing Right Away

These 5 ways are simple and fast so that you can begin the healing process today!

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