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In this episode, my guest is Amy Bishop. She is a friend of mine and she is one of the speakers at my last year’s summit.

Amy is an End of Life Doula, a grief specialist ad a yoga and fitness instructor in Los
Angeles. She found herself working with people at the end of life and with people who are grieving, after having experienced many of her own losses and seeing areas where they are falling short in supporting each other. In their culture, talking about death/dying/grief/loss is uncomfortable
and unwelcome, particularly if it is stigmatized death. Amy’s belief is that
we can normalize the conversations about these “taboo” topics and experience
not only a better dying experience but a better life!

In this episode, we discuss how to find peace through things like yoga. Amy also mentions various documents that she recommends as a death doula to have in place because they are so important.

And giving yourself the time and space to grieve. Allowing it be seen and felt. Even though, it might be easier and less painful to sweep it under the rug.

Taking moments to process and be with it.

Remember, YOU ARE LOVED!

If you are experiencing a suicide crisis and need help now! Call or Text the Suicide Lifeline 988. For more about this new hotline number go to this link:

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    Love Notes

    • Think of advanced planning as a gift. It’s a gift to the people who you love, and who are in your life. It’s also a gift to yourself.
    • The breathwork, especially in yoga can be very helpful for the grief process.
    • The most important grief is your own.
    • The most important thing is just to show up. You don’t have to have an answer. You don’t have to say the right thing. If you don’t say anything just be there, be present. And that helps somebody feel loved.
    • Yoga is a way to move those chemicals around so they don’t get stuck. They create issues down the road, health issues, and so forth.
    • Take care of yourself and give yourself plenty of time and space for grief.

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