Today I’m going to teach you about not letting summer pass you by and be sure to get out and let nature heal you and how getting some pressure is therapeutic.

The Power of Letting Nature Into the Healing Process

You might not think that fresh air equals therapy but let me explain. When my sister passed away, it was March. March in Utah Eagle Snow, lots of powder. When I received the devastating news that my sister had taken her life the day before my birthday. I didn’t really want to go outside. In fact, all I wanted to do was cry alone in my bedroom. That being alone wasn’t an option for me. You see, I had a daughter who was three years old at the time of my sister’s passing. She needed me to get her breakfast, lunch, and yes dinner. Regardless of how I was feeling on a given day or moment, my daughter still wanted me to play Barbies. She wanted me to go build a snowman in the freshly laid snow. I still needed to be her mom.

Because even though my heart was broken, she needed me. But I learned something that was so important during those first couple of months after my sister’s passing. And that is the power of letting nature into the healing process. Yes, it was cold and chilly outside during the month of March, April, and even into May. Depending on the season. It was either snowing, raining, or sunny outside. Or if you’ve lived in Utah for any length of time as I have. You are fortunate to get all three different sorts of weather on a given day sometimes. It is exciting.

Let me tell you. Heck, it even snowed in July one year. I remember that it was crazy. I remember going to work and a T-shirt and then looking outside and it was literally snowing. And we were laughing. I and my co-workers were just hysterically laughing because here it is July and it was snowing. It was so fun. Anyways, I digress. But simply bringing outdoors, being outdoors in the weather, braving the elements, as they say, became something that I not only craved physically but emotionally as well. I began to notice a subtle shift when I hadn’t gone outside that day. Granted, I wasn’t running or training for a marathon. But stretching and moving my body cleared my mind from all the gunk that stuck inside my head. Often I would go for walks with our dogs. At that time, we had two dogs. Unfortunately, we had a dog pass away shortly after my sister took her life. So now we just have the one Nisha and she is an absolute sweetheart. Or if my daughter and my husband wanted to tag along, we would make it a family outing. We would go to a nearby park or playground and enjoy being around each other. Funny story, but my daughter has always loved being outdoors. Even to this day, she begged me to go outside and play. Like I said earlier she doesn’t mind what kind of weather it is either. Rain, snow, sunny, overcast, hot, cold. It doesn’t make a difference. She wants to be outside in it.

Appreciating the Power of Nature

But I also noticed that when I was outside enjoying the weather and a change of scenery, I was also able to let my thoughts go, come and then dissipate again. Like the clouds in the sky, I would have a thought, and I would either let it flow by or I would try to work through it. Which reminds me, having a change in scenery is another added benefit to letting nature heal you from the outside inward. For example, I mentioned my birthday, and my sister passed away in the month of March. It was snowy, icy, and downright cold to be outside. But I forced myself on more than one occasion, I might say, to be outdoors, and use it as a way to begin my own healing after losing my sister to suicide. As I would walk, I would take some deep, long breaths of air into my lungs. It was cold as it entered my throat. Tiny icicles would form on my nose hairs.

In the spring of that year, that same year, in 2019 of my sister’s passing, a new life began all around singing as the changes of the seasons. birds are chirping, tulips bloomed, and in all their springtime glory, snow was melting. I remember thinking to myself, “Crystal, use this time of year”. At that time, it was spring, and to continue to use nature as a tool for my grief. To cry if I needed to shed my tears, laugh if something or someone made me laugh. And usually, that was Ava or my husband. You could even shout at the wind when you needed to release some pent-up anger. Because I most definitely did. I would go outside and I would shout and it is amazing how much better I would feel after just that quick burst of anger release, getting it out of my body, and then being able to come back inside and just take a couple of deep breaths and be able to calm myself down.

But it’s so true when I say that there’s pent-up anger. And if you’ve lost a loved one to suicide, you know exactly what I’m talking about, you know, this deep belly-like anger that comes up inside you. It’s almost like boiling lava, and you want nothing else but to just let it out and let it you know explode. And obviously, we try not to do it to the ones we love. And sometimes it’s it just happens. Sometimes it comes out whether I want it to or not on my loved ones. And of course, I feel terrible when that does happen. And they know that I’m not doing it intentionally. But I think the thing that allowed me to experience the most transformation in terms of my healing was to be present in that moment outside.

Letting the Outdoors Heal You

Yes, I’m sure I don’t need to explain what you probably already know. But when I was cold outside and when I was outside and enjoying the season or the weather that meant technology had to stay indoors at the house, aka my phone. Why do I mention this? Because as trial and error would have it when my phone was in my hands or on my arm because I have one of those cool armbands that hold my phone so that I can walk and hold the leashes and all the things while I’m outside. So I need my hands free and I can’t have a phone in my hand because I need a hand free. But when I had my phone in my hand, I wasn’t present, I became distracted. I was unable to focus, slightly agitated, if I’m honest, annoyed, even at times. So I took a stand and said, nope, sorry, “phone” you get to stay here. I am going to enjoy this time without you.  Too bad, not so sad. So you know what? It was worth it every single time. Leaving my phone behind was 100% worth it every single time. If you need a place to start your own healing after suicide, I use an app called trails. That shows you all the different trails that are nearby. The cool part is even less you know how difficult it is in terms of how challenging that particular trail is. It even has the option of narrowing it down to family-friendly hikes. So of course, I’m a huge fan of that. Because then I know immediately, hey, this is a hike that I and my family can go on and it’s nothing too strenuous. And we can enjoy it as a family because it’s quote-unquote, family-friendly. So needless to say, I’m a huge fan of that app. So be sure to check it out. If you need some inspiration to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors. And invite the outdoors into your spirit.

As you begin to heal. I want to share a quick story with you because it’s really, it’s quite comical about the whole family-friendly hike and letting the outdoors heal you. I would often you know, like I said, take my family for hikes. And I remember us going for just a quick, quick walk around the block. And it was so fun because my daughter and even to this day, kids have this amazing ability to point out the simplest things. And it is remarkable to me that I tend to get in my head. And I tend to be so like goal-oriented or task-oriented or as a busy mom, it’s like okay what next do I have to do today? Like, do I have to take my kids to the dentist or to take them to the doctor do we need to go to the store, you know, this list goes on and on and on. And yet, when I bring my daughter with me when we would go for walks, especially after I lost my sister, we would go for walks. And it was the most beautiful thing because she would sit there and she would point out the butterfly that I didn’t see. Because I was so preoccupied with anything else that I had to do for the rest of the day. But she pulled me back into that present moment of enjoying the walk. And being in nature. And seeing the butterfly or hey Mom, look that cloud looks like I don’t know, a dragon, or whatever the cloud looks like at that time.

But still, I would have missed it. I want you to hear me when I say that I would have missed those moments, those very tender moments of complete innocence. Had I not been present? Had I been thinking in my head? Like how am I going to do this? How am I going to begin the healing process and not be present where I was I would have missed that moment. I would have missed the butterfly I would have missed the cloud, I would have missed something funny that she said while we were walking.

And I just want to invite you. If it’s been a while since you’ve been outside, I just want to encourage you to go outside. Even if the weather’s crappy, who cares? If it’s rainy, maybe it’s super rainy and wet. Maybe you live in a place like Seattle and it rains all the time.

And speaking of Seattle, but a fun fact, I just learned that it actually rains more in Atlanta, Georgia than it does in Seattle. So there’s your Fun Fact of the Day. But that’s beside the point. Still, if it’s raining outside, go outside, go enjoy the weather, and be able to invite nature into the grieving process and into the healing process because I promise you, you will be amazed at how much lighter you feel after going for a walk. And like I said earlier, be sure to leave your phone at home. Because that is no Bueno. Just leave it at home. I promise you will thank me later. And I will be smiling. When you do tell me that crystal it worked. I left my phone at home and it was amazing. I actually enjoyed being out in nature. I enjoyed the walk with my family or I enjoyed taking the dog for a walk around the block. And I didn’t even miss my phone for a single second.

Invite the outdoors into your spirit as you begin to heal. And always remember that you are loved 💜

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