Nesreen Ahmed

On the podcast, I’m talking with special guest, Nesreen Ahmed.

We take a deeper dive about how we can often seek isolation when we are grieving. How your grief still matters, no matter if it was a sibling like me, or a child or spouse.

Supporting ourselves first becomes so important. Especially during grief, remembering we can give ourselves compassion and grace. Knowing our own limits as we discover what is healthy for us and what is not good in terms of our own mental wellbeing.

Example, grieving alongside someone vs. trying to manage their grief on top of your own. Because you are worth putting yourself first.

Remember, YOU ARE LOVED!

If you are experiencing a suicide crisis and need help now! Call or Text the Suicide Lifeline 988. For more about this new hotline number go to this link:

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Love Notes:

  • Put yourself first so that you have more space in your life.
  • It’s little things that we can do for ourselves. Sometimes, a big step or a big change feels like it’s too much.
  • Have compassion and try to be as kind to ourselves and non-judgemental.
  • Allow yourself to take breaks.
  • When you are in the middle of grief, choose your entertainment wisely.

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