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I am so excited to announce my new upcoming podcast called You are loved. It has been in my heart for a while now to start a podcast, not just on the topic of suicide, but to begin the conversation around mental health and the struggles everyone encounters. You are never alone. I’ve spoken to countless people, many of whom I haven’t even met before, and speak to me and say how incredibly grateful that I am speaking about this topic. I’m opening up the conversation and the opportunity to share how much the people in our lives matter and know that they’re loved. I want you to hear me when I say this, you don’t need to be fixed. There is nothing broken inside of you. You are whole and complete. Today, tomorrow, and yesterday. So I want you to join me for the launch of you are loved podcast, broadcasting everywhere you listen to the podcast, summer of 2020. Tune in as you hear not only my story of rediscovering the I am loved, but others as well. In the first episode, I share my story of losing my sister to suicide, and how I had to decide to make the choice to begin healing. Was it easy? Absolutely not. But I had a choice.

Do I begin to heal after this tragedy or not? No one else could make this decision for me. Come listen to people just like you. And I, as they share their stories, and share their struggles about how they found hope again. Maybe just like me, they’ve lost a loved one to suicide. Perhaps they’ve experienced depression throughout their life, as you hear their stories of triumph and hope. I want you to visualize yourself in their shoes, and see that you are just like them in many ways. I have a theory, I believe that we are more alike than we will ever be different. We may not look the same come from different backgrounds or upbringings. But at our core, we are so much in common. We have so much in common. Each of our stories is beautiful and unique. As are you. In fact, our tagline at Olive disel is you are left, I wanted a way to let the people in our lives and in your life know how much they’re loved. And a funny story do you remember a lot? Hi, I’m off. And I like warm hugs. That is what I want you to experience every time you listen to what you have loved in the podcast. That is what we are all about. Think of it as a warm hug. And remember who doesn’t like hugs? Because as I looked back on my own battles of depression and remembered my sister when I felt that I was unlovable, and then it didn’t matter. It became a downward spiral of constant thoughts that proved that this was true.

Psychologists actually have a term for this, they call this confirmation bias. When we believe something to be fact and ultimately truth. Our brains are hardwired to seek out evidence to prove this new belief. For example, if I thought that I was not loved, I naturally will seek out situations or experiences to prove this thought that’s true. So for instance, when you make it to work in the morning, your boss asks to see you and his office immediately. So after you drop off your things at your desk, you go talk to your boss, during which they fly off the handle and say something about your performance or about how you keep showing up late for work, all the other things that could potentially go wrong. In this conversation, you get the idea. So you returned to your desk feeling more defeated and deflated after the conversation that had just occurred.

And you say to yourself, see, this person is like me. But what you don’t know is that your boss got an argument with their spouse just minutes before your conversation and feeling this combination of both flustered and annoyed, saw your name on the report that was on their desk, of course, and thank you to the moment they saw you. And as they say, the rest is history. So why do I share this example? I share this example because it reminds us that we have had a similar experience such as this before at one point or another. You see we’re all human by saying that we are human. I want to convey that as I have already mentioned. We are far more connected through our show. Are you experiencing then we are separate from one another.

Remember to hear from others who have struggled with our thoughts of suicide, or have lost a loved one to suicide. Remember how they found hope again.

P.S. Be sure to tune in every single week to the You Are Loved Podcast and I want to hear from you. I want to hear your thoughts. I want to hear what you’re liking what you want to hear more of even I want to hear what you don’t like. So be sure to join our newsletter, where we discuss upcoming episodes for the show. I invite you to be a guest and keep the conversation going. We would also love it if you would please rate and review us and as always, remember that you are loved. I’ll see you in the next episode 💜

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