episode 16

I’m talking about being able to show your grief in a visible way? I remember moments when I was afraid to cry in front of my daughter because I didn’t want her to see me “that way”or feeling sad…Because I had to believe that I had to “keep it together” Do you ever feel this way?

Please tell me that I wasn’t the only one? But can I share that when I did cry or express my feelings,it opened up the conversations between both of us! How amazing it became that I was able to share what I was feeling with her when I did.

Share your feelings with someone you love today and watch how it makes you feel.

If you are experiencing a suicide crisis and need help now! Call or Text the Suicide Lifeline 988. For more about this new hotline number go to this link: 988lifeline.org

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    Love Notes

    • What would you tell your 10-year-old self again if you could? 
    • “Aren’t you grieving too?”
    • “When you don’t let him(10-year-old Adam) see you cry, then he starts to believe it too.”
    • He starts to push his true feelings aside, and stop expressing himself, His emotions get shoved inside, and he no longer gets the opportunity to be released
    • All children are intuitive
    • Invite family and friends into the healing process, especially children.
    • So that you ALL can grieve together

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