Looking for a mental health subscription box this holiday season? 

Why a subscription box for those who’ve lost someone by suicide or is looking for a mental health subscription box, makes the perfect gift this holiday season.

Many Reasons

There are many reasons, of course, that when you think of the holidays, especially Christmas, the act of giving someone a gift is natural.

In fact, I would probably say that it would be odd to be invited to someone’s home for Christmas and at least not bring a gift for the hostess?

Don’t you agree? 

But if you know of someone who has recently lost a loved one, by suicide or not, the holidays are often, in my experience, a really difficult and challenging time of year.

Maybe this is the first major holiday without their loved one?

There seems to be a certain heaviness surrounding Christmas that is only visible during this specific holiday versus another holiday. For example, Thanksgiving we spend it with our loved ones being grateful. 

We often take a “collective pause,” to remember our loved one and others who have passed one, during this holiday and simply show gratitude that they were in our life.

But Christmas is one of those holidays where your heart aches a little more because they are gone. This was definitely the case for me when we came to our first Christmas without my sister. 

My heart ached because I missed her.

This meant…

It meant that I couldn’t give her a present. I have never been the type of person to go out and buy each of my family members a Christmas gift. Because as I have shared previously, I come from a large family.

I am the youngest of eight. We all have children. So as you can probably already tell, going out and buying each family member a gift can add up quickly because we have a large family.

But if I saw something when I was out and about that I thought a person in my family would enjoy, I often would get it. I also was very much aware of the struggles my sister was going through the Christmas before she passed, that when I did give her a gift, it was extra special.

Why a subscription box?

Why do I say a subscription box like Scattering Hope or Owl and Thistle makes the perfect gift this holiday season?

Because if they have lost a loved one by suicide, (Scattering Hope) or if they know someone who is struggling in their life and wants a mental health subscription box (Owl and Thistle), 

the act itself can speak volumes.

What do I mean?

Don’t you cherish the gifts that you receive from someone when you know that it is heartfelt?

Especially when the person receiving it has no idea that you are sending them a subscription box. 

Can I just say that I promise you, no matter the amount that you might have spent on the subscription box, the enormous gesture this does for the person receiving it!

Gives Them a Starting Point

For someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, sending them a Scattering Hope subscription box, gives someone a starting point.

Now, what do I mean when I say “starting point?”

It was my personal experience after losing my sister Gina to suicide, I needed a starting point for how I was going to even begin the healing process. 

There was no “roadmap” that I could follow for my grief. I didn’t have a clue as to how I was going to begin to process this tragedy?

Caring Deeply

Another reason why I say it makes the perfect gift this holiday season is because it shows how much you deeply care. Remember me saying something about an enormous gesture this provides?

Oftentimes, it is the unspoken words that can make the greatest impact on someone’s world.  I know this firsthand what it is like to experience something like this, receiving a gift when I didn’t know or expect it, and how much it warmed my heart. 

Another reason is that it’s thoughtful, kind, genuine, and as I just mentioned, heartfelt.

I want to touch just briefly on being genuine. It might sound strange for me or you reading this, when I say the word genuine?

But the reason why I am sharing this is because it is extremely important that we are simply aware and have a “gut check” on where our head and our heart is when it comes to these moments. I have a silly example that I want to share that illustrates this point of being genuine.

Glory Days

When I was in high school, I was dating this boy who was older and that my friend had introduced me to. You should know that dating for me was completely new.

If I think about it, As I am remembering him, my old ex-boyfriend, I believe I was in my junior year of high school when we started dating?

But I remember it was around Christmas time and I really wanted to get him something special

So I did what any teenage girl would’ve done at that time…

Head to the mall.  For those of you who are too young to remember what exactly a “mall” was, it is the place where EVERYONE went to go buy their Christmas gifts.

So of course, this was not only the best place to go Christmas shopping, It was also the most common. After searching the entire mall, I finally found it!

The perfect gift!

I decided that I was going to get him a beanie. But not just any beanie…

This one was lined with fleece so it was going to keep him warm all Winter long. 

Perfect Christmas gift for a boyfriend? CHECK!

The day finally came as we exchanged our Christmas gifts and I was beyond thrilled to see his expression when he opened his. 

He was happy. But, wait…where was mine?

He explained that he didn’t have time to get me anything and that he would be getting mine this weekend.

I was devastated!

Actually, my friend, the one who introduced us, remember her?

Was the ONE who ended up giving me the Christmas gift from him because once again, he was “so busy” he didn’t have time to deliver it to me in person. 

But wait there’s more to the story of this awful Christmas gift exchange

When I sat down to open the gift bag that he didn’t have time to deliver so he had my friend “deliver it”,

It was all things that he had at his home. 


Still had price tags on them!

I mean COMMON!!!!

Talk about not being genuine! He didn’t even take the time to take off the price tags. So this expensive, thoughtful, and yes, genuine gift that I had given him, was wasted!

At least that is exactly how I felt at this moment as I took the items out of the bag. 

Do you understand what I mean when I say genuine?

This simple gift like a subscription box, can either fill the person receiving it with complete joy


Leave them feeling more empty and asking themselves why you even bothered in the first place?

Heart Centered 

My heart behind both subscription boxes is sharing the gift with someone you love. Each box is uniquely created just for them! Both from someone who has experienced it firsthand.

I know what difference this can make in someone’s life!

I’m willing to bet that you do too!

Special Touches

Lastly, I wanted to add special touches that demonstrate how deeply the person receiving this subscription box knows that they are loved

So much in fact, I will write a handwritten note to the person receiving it. I will say the words that you would like me to include on each note. 

Think of these special notes as love letters from you to them. 

Because guess what?

They are!

As I conclude, I want to leave you with this…

Christmas can be magical but it can also bring pain associated with it. Knowing this, 

Why not use this season to spread a little more love, joy and peace into someone’s life that needs it? 

If you still are looking for more support, please reach out to me at hello@scatteringhope.com or you can visit my Facebook page and Instagram.


Crystal 💜

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