Baby #2

Dec 29, 2021 | Special Gift | 0 comments

Baby #2

I have a magnet hanging on our fridge that I absolutely LOVE!  I know that might sound strange?

baby #2

Really, Crystal, a magnet? But it’s true! It says on it, “Never give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.” Told you it was good, right?

Why do I love it?

So why do I say that I love it? Because this simple wooden magnet reminds me of absolute truth in my life. The truth is that I should never give up on what I want most! In any area of my life. It could be in my business. Or, my family. Or, any other area that I decide, “Hey, that’s what I want most of all.” 

It could mean that I have to be patient… Which is something that I am constantly working on (patience) It could mean that I have to wait months, years, or even decades.


Never giving up on the true desires of my heart.  And not get too spiritual but those desires that are on my heart were placed there by a loving God who knows my heart because he created it. God knows the things that he can do through me as a messenger and spreading hope and light to those who are in dark times, who might be asking themselves, “How do I even go on?” Or maybe it has nothing to do with other people and it is simply just for me? 

A gift specially wrapped

Like a gift that was specially wrapped and placed on my heart for me to desire and then eventually enjoy. The bible reads in Psalm 37:4“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Did you hear that? YOUR desires! Not your spouse,or you siblings, or even your childs, YOURS!

The special significance

What I haven’t shared yet, is why this magnet is so significant in my life? A desire that was placed on my heart for years now is that I wanted to have another baby. Our daughter was getting older and we both agreed that we wanted to try and have at least one more baby. But when we least expected it, tragedy struck. We suffered a miscarriage. Then my sister tragically took her life. But we never gave up or lost hope. We wanted to keep trying to get pregnant. Another tragedy came. We suffered another miscarriage shortly after my sister passed away. One was awful enough but to experience 2 was gut-wrenching and heartbreaking. 

Finally, What felt like an eternity, we decided to go see a doctor. He recommended we try medication first but if it didn’t work out then we would have to go see a specialist.

Guess what?

Guess what is so amazing when it comes to our desires? They don’t often go away. Yes, we can try our best to “bury them” Or, deny ourselves what we want. But deep down, we know the truth. For us, for me, it was that I wanted to have another baby.

One month before we had our appointment with the specialist, we got the incredible news that I was pregnant! We were beyond overjoyed! I couldn’t believe it! All this time of constantly trying and tears, pain, heartache, there was still a glimmer of hope left. You see, what I didn’t know then but what I now know, is that even though our family has experienced the unthinkable, (miscarriages, and losing a family member by suicide) We can still press on!

There is still good in this world. And it’s all around us! Every day and Everywhere.


This is beautiful news! And illustrates how it (beautiful news) can overshadow the bad news. All the negative, terrible, and heartbreaking things that we experience can be replaced with good news. 

Did you know what else this does? Brings joy, peace, love, not just to my family (Chris and Ava), but to my intermediate family(siblings and mother) and beyond to my extended family! How cool and neat is that? This was something I quickly realized this pregnancy was something truly magical. 

Joy, peace, love, and more!

Because it represented all these things(joy, peace, and love) and more! In fact, as I am writing this blog, we will discover today in a few short hours, if the baby is a boy or a girl. Full disclosure, my daughter wants a girl!

Of course, right? If you want to know if it is a boy or a girl, click this magic button to reveal. So as I finish and wrap up writing this very special and personal blog post today,

Remember what my magnet says, “Never give up what you want most for what you want at the moment.” May you always find hope. Even if it is only a sliver of it!

That is all you need to hold on to. 




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